I will just open with echoing what I stated last year during this season, 2021 began with renewed hope of possibilities that this new year could bring. Many made resolutions focused on health, hope, and revitalizing dreams. The pandemic wave took on varying forms but held us less hostage to isolation and separation as the world tried to “reopen”. Although still masked, plans, dreams, and hope began reinventing itself for some. While for many challenges still camp out at the doorsteps of their lives. YET, amidst it all, we still see the light of Christ radiating through generosity, kindness, sacrifices, and compassion. Thank you for helping to emit Christ’s love and His command by cheerfully and generously supporting our ministry and our initiatives with your donations!


2021 reflections: Toward the end of the first quarter, we began the process and filed for our own 501c3 to help better position us for opportunities of growth, enhanced programming, and product donations. During 2021, our “You Feed Them” Missional Food Pantry (MFP) served: 1021 recipients of which 208 were first-time clients, overall touching 4,084 lives! There were 35 Salvations and 4 Re-dedications! We gave out over 9,189 bags of groceries and toiletries with the help of over 744 total average volunteer hours excluding the Directors hours.


For our Community Resource Day: 381 children were registered for a pair of new shoes and supply-filled Book Bags. 16 Community Service Providers were present and we received another Mayoral Proclamation. In September, we launched our Youth Financial Savings Literacy Initiative in which we help open and mentor children ages 0-17 with new savings accounts in partnership with Christian Family Credit Union. We seed the first $50 into each new account, children come monthly to make a deposit into their new accounts! We currently have opened 35 of 42 children’s savings accounts! Our vision is to mentor and teach children, and their parent’s, the gift of intentional investing in themselves with our primary goal of helping to shorten future food pantry and social services lines. Our 2022 goal is to invite three other local churches to participate in our initiative to help positively impact the future of children, in local communities. We’ve also distributed over 172 Blessing Bags to our Homeless Neighbors!


For our Pantry’s Christmas Initiative, we adopted 45 children representing 18 households that were blessed with Christmas gifts of toys, books, clothing, plus food! Your generous donations toward the above blessings helped feed and light the world for many recipients!


We pray that you will continue to support our outreach efforts. March 17, we celebrate 5 years as a Missional Food Pantry and on August 13, we celebrate our 5th annual Community Resource Day! Thank you!




Minister Lydia L. Davis, Founder / President