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Youth Savings Initiative



The Youth Savings Initiative was launched as an initiative of our You Feed Them Missional Food Pantry as a way to help address how we can help contribute to shortening future food pantry and social services lines, help reduce future crime, and inspire children (& families) to aspire to save "for rainy days," and to help support desires for organized youth enrichment activities for children, and future goals. 

Christian Family Credit Union (CFCU) is our partnering financial organization for our Youth Savings Literacy Initiative. 


Savings Literacy Initiative

We invest in Youth to Help

Teach Youth the Gift of
Investing in Themselves & their Future.


 Our Youth Savings Initiative vision is:

  • to help address economic illiteracy with a long-term goal of shortening the future need of food pantries and other social resource lines.  

  • to sow seeds of encouragement to help motivate children (households) to understand that success is derived from self-discipline, setting goals, vision, and investing in self whether for school, to achieve a goal, at home, and as a member of society. 

  • to help children have pride in setting and accomplishing goals. 

  • to help reduce some crimes that result from economic insecurities. 

  • to remind the Community that Children Matter Most. 

  • to help sponsor organized enrichment activities or events sponsored by UMC that will continue to nurture and encourage children. 

Qualifications & Requirements


  • Must have been a registered recipient of one of our outreach events or initiatives. Or, 

  • Have a connection to our church directly or indirectly through use of the church ministries. 

  • Reside Marion County. 

  • Children Ages: Newborn to 17. 

  • No withdrawals from the Savings for a minimum period of two (2) years from date the account opens.

   These documents will be sent, by you securely direct to the Credit Union via an email link after registration:

  • Parent's: Must have a valid Driver's License or State ID.

    • It must have your current home address on it. Otherwise, 

    • please also provide a copy of a bill with the current address on it. ​

  • Child's: Birth Certificate.

  • Child's: Social Security Card.

  • Parents will share school and home progress reports with us. 

  • Monthly Deposits are encouraged, no matter the amount.

  • Now through 2024, "Youth Savings Days" are scheduled, see our calendar of Events, Once per month so that the children/parents can bring in their savings to deposit to help develop a healthy practice of saving.

Youth Savings Registration is Closed
until mid-2024.

Youth Savings

YFL Sponsorship 2022_edited_edited.jpg

The absence of youth financial illiteracy is a leading contributor to economic and food insecurity as children and adults. Our Youth Savings is an Initiative in partnership with Christian Family Credit Union. 


Help us jumpstart registered children, ages 0-17, on their path of learning and practicing to invest in themselves through the gift of savings with our "Sponsor A Child" Fundraiser.

Partners will help teach and long-term mentor the children, with their guardians. We will encourage, and help seed the initial accounts. You can help support the needs of the future. Help us shorten future food pantry and social services lines. 


$50 donation = 1 child


To Donate, click here.


Your Donations Help Many!

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